Tuesday, March 3, 2015



Most of the time, when you hear the word downsizing, it carries a negative connotation. For example, a company downsizing usually means that folks will lose their jobs.  But I am looking at downsizing in a different way, with a couple different applications. 

Downsizing, literally, moving down in size. That is my goal physically. To lose weight and to go down in size!  Today is my 3rd full day of my "Do It Again" journey.  I have reduced my calories to 1590 (using my Fitness Pal App to count) I am increasing my fruits and vegetables, with the goal being at least 5 per day total.  My goal is to exercise 3 times this week. I have lost 1 pound in 3 days.  This isn't a get slim quick plan. This is a lifestyle change where eating healthy becomes the normal for me.  I plan to make my life healthier physically. 

The second application of downsizing comes as I am getting ready to downsize my home.  I am moving to a smaller house therefore, reducing the amount of stuff that I have.  I have found over the years that I tend to hold on to things that I have no need for. Actually, this has created more stress because I keep moving boxes around and have put off going through them for 2 years now.  Many of the boxes contain things that were Curtis' and it has been easier just to leave it all in boxes.  I realize though, that by keeping things that are not needed or doesn't have a sentimental value has increased the clutter in my life. So as I go through this month, I will be downsizing and reducing things..stuff...unnecessary things. 

My third application for this post is downsizing spiritually.  Whoa!! What???  What I mean, is that I have allowed clutter, mostly busy-ness to take up more of my spiritual life than what is healthy for my walk with God. I have allowed things to take more space than what is needed, so I am reducing the things that have taken the priority over my spiritual health.

In closing, I encourage you to look around for things you need to downsize and make a plan and goal to tackle these things. Today, I am including part of a prayer that is found in the book "The Weight Loss Prayers: 30 Daily Prayers for Weight Loss Motivation" by Kimberly Taylor at http://takebackyourtemple.com/

"Give me the desire to choose foods that bring energy and vitality to my body and clarity to my mind. Give me enthusiasm to exercise so that I may strengthen my body and have the energy to do the things I need to do. Most of all, Lord, give me wisdom to put You first in my life because You have said that if I seek first your kingdom and all its righteousness, my needs will be taken care of. Thank you, Father for giving me the gift of abundant wisdom today. AMEN" 
(included with permission of author) 

Moving Forward!